Trillbass’ futuristic grimy in your face sound continues to lead the genre of Dubstep music from the underground to the forefront of the party scene. Made up of members 2Sense and Swytch, the crew provides boundless and unlimited power of the bass driven Dubstep sound. Hailing originally from Birmingham, Alabama, But generally found wherever the party is, Trillbass stays ahead of the curve with their own , always original take on the dubstep genre.

With releases on labels all over the world including Rottun Recordings (Canada), Shift Recordings (U.S.), Ruff Records (France), Code of Arms and their own Trillbass Records Vinyl label, the crew continues to advance their style and sound with every release. The past break-out year include an official remix for hip hop gods Wu Tang, a release on cd by EDM Legends ‘Detroit Grand Pubas’, along with over 20,000 mixtape downloads, Several Vinyl releases and  many #1 records on the Digital Download Charts

After Cementing their legacy with 30 years of combined musical experience, over 10 Vinyl releases and 50 Digital releases, they push to the future with each new synth, drum and bass boom chosen carefully to decorate or destroy a track. Countless mind blowing shows, world tours and respected original sounds confirm their drive and passion that rivals any other in the game.


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