A virtually unknown artist just one year ago,  Bratkilla has shot to fame almost overnight; taking over the Dubstep scene with the force of nature that is his sound. A pioneer in the Deathstep genre, Bratkilla’s humble beginnings producing and experimenting with the extreme limits of Dubstep has most certainly paid off for the young genius and his fans. Using nothing but a pair of worn out computer headphones and his ingenuity, it’s almost hard to believe that behind his soft-spoken nature and sense of humor lies so much massive, angry and mind shredding sounds. We were warned, we took just another bedroom producer for granted, but we paid the price, and what a price we paid.

His recent release from Betamorph, Violent Crayon has taken the Dubstep world by storm, ranking one of the top releases on Beatport. And the Swedish producer is still hungry for more, with a forthcoming release on Abducted Records and Trillbass Records. Judging by the clips posted on his Soundcloud account, we’re in for much more carnage, and more medical bills for our bleeding ears.

You have been warned.

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